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Des Moines Police are investigating two convenience store robberies Friday morning.

Around 4 a.m. a man came into the QT at 2300 Martin Luther King Parkway, rushed the clerk, and demanded money.

The clerk described the man as a black male.  He used his t-shirt to cover his face.

The man took money from the register and left on foot.

He did not show and weapon, and police believe the man is not the same suspect who robbed a Git N’ Go.

Police are also looking into a robbery at the Git N’ Go at 100 Watrous.  It happened just after midnight.

The clerk in that incident said a man, with his face covered, displayed a gun and demanded money.

The suspect took money from the register and took off.

Police say it’s possible the man is the same person who robbed a Git N’ Go on Franklin late Wednesday night, but say that is something detectives will have to determine once they view the security video.

They are expected to do that later Friday morning.