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SELLING SCHATZ: Making Money On A Winner

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Across the street from the Knoxville raceway sits the Donny Schatz trailer.

"Every year its gotten better we're trying to carry more merchandise,” says Diane Schatz. 

Tee shirts, baby clothes, She adds, "Everybody’s got to have an STP refrigerator magnet."

License plates, mini cars, "you're always looking for nee fresh ideas," she says.

Stocking caps, cowboy hats and you can't go without the I-Phone cover

Diane says, "Two years ago, I never thought I'd be carrying I-Phone covers, now they're asking for Samsung, so I guess I’ll have to diversify."

Meet Diane Schatz, mother of 5-time Knoxville Nationals champ Donny Schatz.  She's in charge at the merchandise trailer.

"My mom enjoys this, she goes to all the races, she's made as much of a connection to fans as I have,” says Donny

Over at the Schatz trailer, fans of Donny Schatz can get everything imaginable.  Even Schatz glasses, it’s only fitting.

But the biggest item of sale in Knoxville, Diane says, “Can koozies, lots of can koozies, for the adult beverages.”

For Diane, this is just like a full-time job.

She says, "I could make a full-time job out of this but my husband won't let me."

On the track, Donny is one of the top sprint car drivers in the world.  Off it, his mom tries to keep that name in people's hands.

She says, "They might not have been a Donny Schatz fan before, but hopefully they are when they leave the races that night."