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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Nothing Compares!

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“Nothing Compares” – that’s the theme of the 2012 Iowa State Fair.  There just isn’t anything like it, is there?

I’ve been attending for about fifteen years now and vividly remember thinking “WOW!” during my first trip.  No offense to my home state of Nebraska, but the state fair there is nothing like it is here.  The Iowa State Fair is the biggest, brightest bonanza of … well … EVERYTHING!  What are your favorite things to see, do and eat at the fair?

I love the see the animals and the people, I like being part of the fun contests and my favorite things to eat are the chops from the Pork Producers and funnel cake.

These are the fine folks I competed against in the Best Bagger contest this year.  From left to right, 2011 State Fair Queen Paris Schnepf from O-Brien County, 2011 Best Bagger Winner Jacob Laursen from Fareway, and Jackie Schmillen from KCCI.  We had a ball together.  Jackie and I conspired to cheat by throwing a lot of our items onto poor little Paris’ table, but she was too quick for us…

… Paris won!  The really fun thing about this contest sponsored by the Iowa Grocer’s Association is that the champion gets money to give his or her favorite charity.

I mentioned the people at the fair… look at this familiar face from Channel 13 days gone by… it’s Kathy Soltero!  I was an intern when Kathy was an anchor.  A lot of women in the newsroom were first-class snots to me and I was in tears over it on a number of occasions.  Kathy was always there with a pep talk and usually a smart remark to make me laugh.  It was fun to see her and reminisce. 

I hope you have a wonderful time at the fair … stop by our booth by the Administration Building and Cast Your Kernel … and BE NICE!  All of this yelling and saying rude things to people is getting old, fast.