LAWN PARKING: East Siders Cash In On Crowded Fair

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It’s outside the Fairgrounds that you’ll find this display…

Iowans using what they have to make an honest living.

“We can get seven up front and about 15 or 16 in the back,” says Heather Greer of her grandmother's lawn.

For a ten-day stretch, the modest homes on Capitol Avenue get to brag a little…

“You can make $300-$400 easy on a good day,” says John Hayner, waving a bright orange stick out front.

Yes, they do get taxed on that…but it’s hard to complain about working from home…or, in front of it.

“Like tonight, I think we’ll be busy because the Band Perry is supposed to be playing,” Greer says.

On busy days, prices go up, but so far this week, things are slow.

“Now like today and yesterday, $5 is all you can get out of a car,” says east sider, Pat Kintz.

Kintz has been sacrificing her green grass for greenbacks for 41 years, now.

“I started with a dollar a car,” she laughs.

With a little help from granddaughter, Heather, it’s just a matter of waiting for the street spots to fill.

“Once they gets starting to fill up then they’ll go on Grand," Greer says, "and after Grand gets full up, we’ll start getting the cars and getting full up.”

The prices beat fair parking, and customers beat the traffic. Many of them park in the same lawns every year.

“If I’m not out here, they’ll pull right in here anyway and pay me when they come back!” Hayner says.

Make the most of what you’ve got…Iowa ingenuity at its finest.

And you don’t need a ticket to see it.