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MORNING BUZZ: Fair is Fair, Firsts and Fish

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Good Morning!

Back in the saddle after a four-day trip down to the Ozarks to fish.  This, for those of you who read this regularly should not be a surprise.  I’ve taken this trip with my Father-in-law for about 12 years.  It’s a time to reset…relax and for me…catch up on some sleep.  No phones, no TV, just a lot of fresh air, a little hiking and a lot of fishing.  It’s great…except when your equipment doesn’t work.  More on that in a minute.

First, the News:

Fair is Fair

Two stories that I came back to read about struck me as odd.  The first was the Circus Rep.Paul Ryan showed up to as he was trying to speak on the Register’s Soap Box.  Note to demonstrator…If you have to scream and heckle a Candidate while he is trying to speak in a public place…I’m going to assume your argument is so worthless…the only way you can beat your opponent is to make sure no one else pays attention to them. 

Second, was the story of the Fair vendor who say he lost 25,000 in the three hours he was closed.  First, I want to see your voter registration card. Over my limited time in Iowa…Presidents and Presidential candidates have made stops at the Iowa State Fair.  No one has ever complained it cost them $25,000.  The motivation seems suspect to me.  If you disagree with the President…use the time to say…I met the President, I disagree with his policies on X and O and I am going to vote for the other guy.  Making his visit out to be some sort of loss of money for you ?  It seems like the shouting protester.  You just don’t like the guy. 

All of this can be summed up in a great blog post on the Register’s site by Graham Gillette.  Full disclosure Graham is my neighbor and I think he’s generally an articulate guy with good ideas. 


If you saw our Today Show Cut-ins this morning I was in the chair for Brooke.  It was Evan’s first day of kindergarten and Brooke wanted to be there.  I told her the story of my own Mother on my First day of school.  I worried aloud to her that she would be lonely without my company.  I was the last of four kids and got some one on one time with my Mom that my siblings did not that last year before school started.  I’m sure my Mom thought it was cute that I worried…no need, she sent me off to school with my siblings that morning then went down to the beach and popped a bottle of Champaign with her friend.  Funny how perspective changes from your first kid to your last. 

My vacation was successful in that I got caught up on sleep.  I am sorry to say equipment failure made it more of a challenge than it needed to be.  I’d ordered a new fishing line a couple of weeks ago to put on my fly reel…It was supposed to be the latest technology and so easy to cast you would throw it TOO far.  Instead the company I’d ordered from sent me the wrong line. It was essentially one size off.  It was like trying to putt with a driver.  You can do it but it’s not going to be as easy.  The crazy part is, it says right on the side of the reel what size is supposed to go on the reel and they STILL got it wrong!!!

Then, my net, of the same brand, ripped and I lost a fish.  Not the best week for this company.  I had a frank conversation with one of their Customer Service Reps on the way home. I hope they make it right.

I still caught a few…  The freezer at work is full of the rest.  I brought some back to share…Hope you all have a good day!