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FAIR ARCHERY: Olympic Boost For Sport

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A local Olympian may be contributing to the popularity of a one stop at the Iowa State Fair this year.

Miranda Leek of West Des Moines competed in London for Team USA in the archery competition. Though she didn’t bring home any medals, her journey has sparked interest in the sport.

Zach Deal and Gunnar Chapman visited the archery range at the Iowa DNR building. They say they’ve talked about hunting together for a long time, and the fair gave them a chance to shoot with each other.

More kids are coming in after reading The Hunger Games book series and watching archers like Miranda Leek compete in the Olympics.

The archery range is supervised by DNR officers who say they’ve heard kids talking a lot about the Olympics.

“Every time someone comes up they say ‘Oh we watched it on the Olympics and now we’re trying to do it ourselves.’ Or they  see The Hunger Games and they’re all excited about that so they’re trying it themselves now,” says Stephanie Lampe with the Iowa DNR.

Lampe says archery is not hard to learn but to be at the Olympic level it takes lots of practice.

The archery range was constructed near the fish aquariums three years ago.