KIDNAPPING CHASE: Missing Woman Found

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It started with a kidnapping, and ended with a high speed chase. Authorities have three people in custody for a situation they say could have ended a lot worse.

Wednesday night, the Marshall County Sheriff Department received an unusual call from a woman who claimed she had been kidnapped. The woman on the phone, who was in her late twenties, had gone missing from Sioux City a week earlier. She told deputies that she escaped from an abandoned farm house they were staying at.

When law enforcement showed up the neighbor's home the woman had called from, she directed them to her alleged kidnapper, 36 year old Dayton Sabasta from Sioux City.

Deputies said they found him upstairs hiding in a closet of the attic of an abandoned house. Authorities said Sabasta complained that he couldn’t breathe, so he was taken to an emergency room before being taken to jail, where he is now.

A deputy was coming back from the hospital when he spotted a vehicle at a gas station in Marshalltown   that matched the description of the woman’s stolen car. The chase started immediately. The suspects didn`t even have time to fill up the vehicle with gas.

34 year old Shaun Gienger from Marshalltown was behind the wheel and 25 year old Katie Tremmel was in the passenger seat.

The chase reached speeds of up to 110 miles per hour, leading officers on a dangerous route down gravel roads, through multiple towns, and even into oncoming traffic

More than 6 law enforcement agencies assisted in the chase, using stop sticks three separate times to try to get them to stop.

At one point, the suspects’ car had three blown tires, but they kept going.

After more than 50 miles, the car finally came to stop. It had run out gas.

“When you think about the fact that the  heinous crimes involved, there was burglary there was drugs there was kidnapping obviously, when you think about those things, it’s pretty serious so we wanted to do everything we could to get the person stopped,” said Marshall County Sheriff Ted Kamatchus.

Authorities believe all three suspects knew each other. Both Gienger and Sabasta have extensive criminal backgrounds. The alleged victim was not injured, and is now home in Sioux City with her family.

Among other things, authorities are trying to figure out how she knew the suspects, and how she and why she was kidnapped in the first place.