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EAST REBUILDS: Scarlets Almost Ready

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Exactly three weeks after…

“It was just a big mess—big ashy slush,” said head football coach, Greg Schoon.

Exactly three weeks since…

“All the helmets literally went from the ceiling down to the floor and they looked like melted candles," said athletics director, Ric Powell.

East High School is focused on what it does have.

“The good news is we have a really good chance of being in our two locker rooms on Thursday,” Powell said, Tuesday.

The Scarlets have new locker rooms with new plumbing and fresh paint…

“The workers have been working from about 6am to 4-5pm every day including the weekends.”

They’ve got helmets and pads…and haven’t missed much practice time at all.

“Surrounding communities, small colleges around the nation have donated things," Schhon said.  "Nike, Adidas have donated things, too.”

But they don’t have everything, and that’s a concern.

“The bad news is we’re a couple of days away from playing our real game and we don’t have our jerseys or game pants," Powell admitted, "so we don’t have our uniforms, yet.”

In practice, the Scarlets have been going by other names…”Arizona State”…”the blue guys”…the plain old “TEAM”…and the “Ranthers”…eat your heart out, TJ Maxx.

“When you’re playing," Schoon said, "you don’t see your jersey. So, they’ll know who to throw the ball to, they’ll know who to tackle.”

The other thing they don’t have is an answer to what caused the fire.  Some say it was electrical problems, but Ric Powell thinks it was arsonist--one who is still on his mind.

“We’re talking about the East Side, here," he said, "if there’s somebody out there that really started this fire, they probably should turn themselves in and that might be the safest place for them.”

But for now, that’s set aside.  The East Scarlets will be there on Friday (even if they WON’T match.) It’s what they do have that counts.