MORNING BUZZ:Bedbugs, Bad Apology and Vacation

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Good Morning!


I can’t imagine anything that gives me the creepy crawlies more than the thought of bedbugs.   We had an experience with a neighbor that was less than cleanly…for months we kept seeing ants in our home…they got in our food…the cat”s food…our Christmas tree.  It was gross…I remember going over to the neighbor’s house to check with her about fighting the bugs… I stepped into her house and the walls were LITERALLY moving.  We ended up having to call the County Health Department.

So I can empathize with the people who fight bedbugs.  You can spend thousands of dollars…be careful and clean, and someone else’s carelessness can mean you are infested.    


Stop talking.  that would be my advice to Todd Aiken.  

His first comments were inexcusable…his apology was almost worse.  He clarified that by “legitimate rape” he meant “forcible rape”.  Is there any other kind?  I just feel like this may have exposed a guy who isn’t in touch with reality.  It raises serious questions about his view of women.  This was not an off-color joke told among friends or family.  This was not a misuse of a word taken out of context.  In its entirety, the statement shows a troubling view.   He should drop out of the race.

It may be overkill but my boys will learn to respect women first as their equal in a relationship.  That has to extend to any kind of intimacy…and decisions about “how and when” have to come from both people.  More to the point, as part of respecting the women they choose as partners, they should get into relationships with a clear commitment to someone BEFORE they get into any kind of physical relationship. In my mind, this tends to minimize any issue.  Finally, they will learn, at ANY sign a woman is uncomfortable with ANYTHING going on…they stop.  

Green Jacket

The Masters finally extended a Membership to two women.  It is overdue, but I also think this would have happened a LONG time ago if a second round of high-profile criticism hadn’t come a few years ago.  

This is a group that said all along it would not be forced to change at the insistence of someone else.  I wrote here when that controversy came up that I believe there are more important issues to tackle where equal treatment of women is concerned…None so high-profile or polarizing.  Maybe some of the loudest critics will have to go back to the day-to-day work of helping women secure an equal place in society rather than advocating a change that only a handful of women will ever benefit from.


I know I just got back but it’s time to pack again.  Tomorrow I leave for my annual golf trip with my College friends.  This is our 13th year.  36 holes of golf a day for four days.

Here is my Public Declaration that I have the best wife ever.  I am particularly grateful this year as Sally tackles a new job.  Taking on the role of single parent for a few days is an added burden she doesn’t have to take on.  Instead she was supportive of my time with some of my best friends.  She always has been.  It’s hard to say how fortunate I feel.