Flash Flood Warnings and Watches


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Wow, I have been slacking on blog posts! Would it help if I explained just how very busy I have been? I know- excuses, excuses. But here it goes anyway! :)

This summer has been packed! Almost every weekend was spent out of town for me. Not that I’m complaining- it was definitely the most I have been home to Wisconsin in at least 5 years. 

I love going home- seeing friends and family and just catching up. But a lot of times it can get kind of hectic. There’s inevitably lots of people to see, lots to do, and usually there’s a specific reason to visit so there’s that taking up some time too. But this last time I went home, I kept it relatively simple. I had a wedding to attend, so that took up my Friday. But then Saturday me and the fam hit the state fair.

My parents and I at the Wisconsin State Fair

And I decided something- I wasn’t only going to keep it simple, I was going to go back to my roots. I was going to hit the fair with a fun, “kid-like” mentality!

My sister and I (I’m on the bottom!)

We started with the animals (pigs are my favorite. I will own a pig someday and name her Princess. Or Bacon- it’s okay! I don’t eat meat! :))

Had to get a picture with a pig. :)

Then ate our way through the rest of the fairgrounds. We stopped at the cheese curds, deep fried potato chips, deep fried green beans, cotton candy, pickle on a stick, bacon wrapped tater tots (not for me of course), baked potato, ice cream sundaes, chocolate covered strawberries…it was delicious.

Pickle on a stick- one of my favorite fair foods!

I also did something I have always wanted to do. I stopped at one of those “guess your weight/age/birthday” people. I often get mistaken for younger than I actually am (I’m 27, if you are wondering.) But that’s not what I wanted her to guess. I walked up to the guessing lady and she jokingly said to the crowd, “I bet you want me to guess your weight, don’t you.” My response? “Yup!” Anyway, long story short, she guessed, and was wrong! (she guessed much lighter than I normally am, which usually happens, so I won a prize!)

The prize I won! I was very proud. :) And also a little tired from our more than six hours at the fair…

By the end of the day I was a little worn out, but it was definitely a blast. Well worth “channeling my inner child” for the day. :)

I often get asked which state fair I like the best, Wisconsin or Iowa, and honestly I can’t decide! This year both surpassed my expectations. I am excited already to see what next year will hold. :)