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SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Community Helps Students

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It's an event many families look forward too.

“Each year we get bigger and bigger, and it's just showing how strong we are as a community that we're sticking together and we're having fun and enjoying each other,” says Laval Lamar of Des Moines.

The 7th annual back to school bash, brought out big crowds and long lines.

The event helps provide school supplies to low-income families around the metro.

“Even though school started last week, some of the kids have waited a week as far as what they've needed, pencils, paper, it's really needed without who knows they might not have school supplies this year,” says volunteer Louis Fountain.

600 kids walked away with backpacks filled with the necessary school supplies needed for the year.

“In this economic times, it's a struggle to go Wal-Mart and Target and all of those places and get all the different supplies you need, it's good that they have everything pre-packaged for you so you don't have to worry about running all over everywhere, it's all there for you,” says Lamar.

Event organizers say, after today's turn out they know what they're doing makes a difference.

“If you look at the line, they come every year and they believe in what we do here, and I really believe it helps the community and the kids,” says Fountain.

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