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WATER RESCUE: Three People Thrown Off Boat

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A quiet evening on the water, quickly turned into a scary situation for three adults.

Water rescue crews were called to Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines a little before 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening on a report three people have gone into the water.

The three passengers said their boat hit a wake and flipped over.

That threw them into water, scattering their possessions.

The three quickly put on the life jackets and began to swim to shore before another boater spotted them called for help and took them to the beach.

Water rescue crews were also on the scene to bring everyone safely back to the dock.

While no one was injured, the boaters say some of the items lost are irreplaceable.

“What scared me the most was I was more worried about our keys and our family things at that point I didn't care about the boat.  I have social security cards, driver’s license, keys, my kids newborn pictures were all in my purse, those are aren't replaceable,” says Jennifer Oldham.

Rescue crews say the boat will have to be towed back to shore.