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MIRACULOUS RECOVERY: Boone Woman Defies Odds

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Last May, Deana Williams was competing in a barrel racing competition.  In a split second, she was thrown from her horse, and into a coma. It was a freak accident- Deana had been riding all her life.

The doctors weren’t optimistic. One doctor told Deana’s family she wouldn’t make it 24 hours, another said it could take up for two years to be herself, and still others said she might never recover.

“It was hard to hear,” said Chris Williams, Deana’s husband.

But even after two weeks without a response, her family didn’t give up.

“I knew she was going to be okay because that's the type of person she is. She’s amazing, wonderful, stubborn, determined,” said Shaunae Overturf, Deana’s sister.

“All of a sudden, her eyes are open and she's wiggling fingers and telling people good bye, it was amazing,” said Chris, remembering the day his wife came back to the.

For Deana, it was just the beginning.  She was determined to ride again.

“The first day we came here I was terrified. But I didn't let anybody know that I was terrified I just kept telling myself it`s going to be okay, it`s going to be fine,” said Deana.

“It’s been amazing. From when she first got on and she was really holding on to now you saw today people were just kind of walking beside her and just as support,” said Deanne Mundt, the Director and Instructor at the Jester Park Exceptional Rider Program, “from what I`ve seen she`s one of the top ones in my experience here from an injury situation.”

And there's a reason for that: Deana’s therapy sessions with horses at Jester Park are making her stronger, both in the saddle and in everyday life.

“That athleticism from when she rode before and that memory, muscle memory, you can tell it’s coming back,” said Mundt.

After three months spent in hospitals and rehabilitation, Deana finally goes home to stay on September 7th.