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FAITH RENEWED: Miracle Dog Survives Fire

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A pastor who lost his church to an arsonist, found his faith again because of a dog.  This is a story about miracles.  We first met Pastor David Reasby last Friday.   The day an arsonist set his church on fire.  The day he lost his faith.

 "I see hatred right now, man." he told us as the church burned,  "I'm just going to be honest with you.  All I do is help people.  That's all..I do is help people.  And somebody does this to me?  It's hard to find Jesus right now."

Flames swept through the hundred year old church, destroying everything in their path.  No one was hurt, but Pastor Reasby thought his beloved chihuahua Little Bit, who had been part of the church family for the past ten years, had died in the fire.  Then, four days after the fire as city crews surveyed the damage, a small miracle.  "As they were coming out the door we heard these little sounds of feet coming out the door behind us and it was her." Reasby says, "All dirty and dingy.  Eyes were matted. She saw me, minute I bent down she just jumped in my arms and gave me a facial, licking all over man."

From there, it was the royal treatment for Little Bit.  "Bubble bath, bro." Reasby laughs,  "She gave me that doggy treat look like where my treat at, you know?  (laughs)"

It's good to hear Pastor Reasby laugh.  Everything he has worked for for the past 25-years went up in flames Friday.  Police say a homeless man Reasby had taken in started the fire.  A man Reasby had trusted.  A man he called a friend.  Reasby still can't forgive.

"I have yet to understand why he did it.  I don't understand..he didn't have no reason to do that." Reasby says, his voice cracking with emotion, "I didn't give him a reason. That's the part I'm having trouble forgiving, man.  I just don't understabnd why he did it, man".

With each day, the wounds seem to heal a little.  And with small miracles, faith is restored.  "Oh yeah,  I see Jesus." the pastor smiles, "I see Jesus."