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FREE FALL: Skydivers Descend On Fort Dodge

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The skies over Fort Dodge will be very busy this weekend.

The annual Dollar Daze Skydiving event will see 300 to 900 skydivers converge to jump from airplanes each day. Four large skydiving airplanes and a helicopter will be there to help skydivers jumping from 13,000 feet to land at the Ft Dodge Airport. The airport’s Director Rhonda Chambers says that holding the event takes a lot of coordination, and one runway is open for commercial and general aviation traffic.

People come from all over with campers to set up on the airport grounds. The Des Moines Skydiving Club runs the event. Jason Kent of the Des Moines Skydiving Club says he started jumping five years ago.

“It’s the most free that I can possibly feel,” said Kent, “If you’ve never been skydiving before it’s tough to put into words.”

Admission is free, and there are bleachers if anyone wants to come watch. The group does ask for a free will donation to help offset expenses for putting the event on.

Check out the event for schedules and other information on their website.