MORNING BUZZ: Long Overdue

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That’s what this post is.  Long Overdue.  

I just got back Monday night from a long weekend with some friends in South Carolina.  This is the annual golf trip.  I was also my second vacation of the month.  You can imagine my wife was ready for a little help(though she is awesome and didn’t complain once) around the house.  I’ve been trying to provide as much as I can.  


The Republican Convention will end tonight when the Nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney accepts his party’s nomination tonight.  I have watched a bit of the coverage of the convention and as anyone who watches these things knows…it’s pretty ridiculous.  If Republicans could blame President Obama for the Hindenburg disaster and the Lindbergh baby kidnapping…they would.  There is little regard to anyone else’s (including their own) role in things like the deficit or the struggling economy.  It would be refreshing but won’t ever happen.  Even Fox News called Rep Paul Ryan’s speech a distortion of the facts.  I checked…I feel no chill beneath me this morning.

I watched a bit last night but had to turn it off.  I tuned in thinking serious Republicans make the argument the country needs a new direction.  What I got was armature night at Ha-Ha’s in Cleveland.  What was former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty thinking?  I half expected the next sentence to start out with “two guys walk into a bar…”  or “So there’s a Priest, a Rabbi and a Minister…”   Then Mike Huckabee came up and did the same thing with a bad joke about Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  

I didn’t stay up for Rep Ryan’s speech.  I heard it was good.I am looking forward to hearing more from him.  I know a lot of people think his ideas are Draconian, but we have some serious financial issues to tackle and I am tired of hearing people propose solutions that only nip around the edges.  Ryan is proposing big changes and they certainly will put strain on a lot of people…but he asked in his speech, when are we going to face the fact that we can’t spend more money that we have?   

My disdain isn’t reserved for Republicans this morning.  I will also ding the Obama Campaign for a lame pitch it made yesterday.  They sent us a release from Chicago asking if we wanted Ashley Judd and some other actor on our show to make a pitch for the campaign.  No is the answer.  What can two actors who have no political experience or connection to Iowa, add to the conversation aside from running down the campaign talking points?  This has entertainment value but not news value.  

It irks me because in every swing state, the campaign is calling small market TV stations asking if they want this interview and hoping the prospect of meeting a celebrity will distract from the fact that these two don’t offer any new substance to the debate….as in, Hey! Look at this shiny flashy thing over here…They’re trying to get free media by exploiting the inexperience you usually find in smaller newsrooms.  

Enough of the Politics.  I was gone for a week…and I had a few thoughts while I was gone.

-The New Des Moines to Charlotte flight is GREAT.  I am always impressed with the process from the check-in desk through security.  Incidentally I had a 7am flight and made sure I was there by 5AM.  I’d heard security is getting very busy in the early morning.  Turns out, I didn’t need to.  I was out of the car at Keck at about 4:55.  I was through security having checked my bag by 5:15.  

We went to Myrtle Beach.  The place has classed itself up a lot over the last few years.  The Condo complexes up for rent, the restaurants etc made it all look like a really fun place to take a family…

-I am probably getting too old to do 36 holes of golf every day for four days…but I felt much better coming off the trip this year than I did last.  Time at the gym may be paying off after all.  

-If I had only one course to recommend down there it would be The Dunes.  Not my best round but it was fun to play and had some beautiful views of the ocean.  The one course I would skip is TPC Myrtle Beach.  I love the golf course but had one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had in a long time.  I’d recommend any of the other courses we played including True Blue, Caledonia, Heritage, Barefoot Dye and Fazio.  

I hope you have a good Thursday!