SCARY SITUATION: Woman Confronts Alleged Burglars

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Two men are facing charges after police say they broke into a West Des Moines house while the owner was still at home.

It happened at around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon on South 49th Street. Police say the homeowner confronted the two robbers. They left through a window and drove away.

Officers quickly found the suspect vehicle and took the driver into custody. Two hours later, they found the second suspect.

Jatneil Pastrana-Santiago and Julio Torres-Anglero are charged with burglary.

Police say the homeowner put herself in danger by confronting the men

“If you think someone is in your house you should call 911. If you confront them, hopefully they don’t want to confront you and they’ll run…get away call police,” says Lt. Jim Barrett with West Des Moines Police.

Some students were kept inside at a nearby school while police searched for one of the suspects. Police say they were never in any danger.