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STOP BULLYING: Marshalltown Rally Held

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It was a sea of orange Thursday in Marshalltown as hundreds gathered to battle bullying.

About 500 people met at the Marshall County courthouse over the noon hour.

“We haven't had a tragedy like some communities in Iowa. So our idea is to get in front of this problem so people know it's there stand up to it and say no-not in our town,” says Marshalltown resident Abigail Pelzer.

The "Not In Our Town" movement spans the entire nation. The local movement is just gaining ground in Marshalltown. It aims to raise awareness and prevent bullying in schools.

Cameron Jones is a Marshalltown student. He attended Thursday's rally and knows the impact of bullying, first-hand.

“I think it's happening in a lot of places, I think this is really good for small town bring it to the light talk about it and make it an issue on peoples’ minds,” says Jones.

Those that attended the event could also sign a pledge card. Those that signed on the line are promising to take action if they spot bullying.

The "Not In Our Town" group also raises money for new programs and prevention methods.

In September, Marshalltown's Orpheum Theater will feature "Not In Our Town: Light In The Darkness." It's a film series on bullying.