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EGGERS UPDATE: Sen. Grassley Looks Into Law

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Richard Eggers was fired from his job at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage after seven years, but Friday he was given some hope.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage let him go because the company could face stiff penalties for employing a man who was convicted of a financial crime- meaning the cardboard dimes he was caught stuffing into a laundry machine 49 years ago

Friday, Senator Charles Grassley came to Eggers’ defense, and to the defense of others who may have been wrongly terminated under the new law. Grassley said he wants the law to be fair and sensible.

“Normally corporate actions like this are pretty well ignored by the politicians, it’s not something they get involved with. But I am very gratified to see somebody with that kind of authority and that kind of muscle getting involved in it,” said Richard Eggers

Eggers is still looking for a new job, but is hopeful he’ll eventually be allowed to return to work at Wells Fargo.