MORNING BUZZ: Where was this? and What do you Expect?

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Good Morning.

Two topics are rolling around in my head.

The First is the show Republicans put on last night.  I am left to ask…Where was all of this?  Where were the heartwarming stories about Romney the man?  Where was the defense of capitalism and the way Romney made his fortune? 

I’m sorry, you buried Dan Jansen and Mike Eruzione behind the featured speech?  These Olympians are LITERALLY GOLD!

I know Republicans wanted to finish with a flourish but couldn’t SOME of this been moved to an earlier night?  David Brooks of the New York Times said it well last night…most of these great stories about Romney are going to get buried behind HIS SPEECH!!!  He called it Political malpractice. 

I imagine voters will hear these stories again in campaign commercials over the coming weeks and months before the election but this is the best rebuttal of the President’s Team and it’s effort to paint Gov Romney as Old Man Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life.  Gov Romney came out looking a lot more like George Bailey last night.

What do you expect?

The latest polling has Iowans split on te effort to oust Justice David Wiggins from te Iowa Supreme Court.

When I see the effort to oust Justice Wiggins, I am left with this question: What do you expect?  I mean that sincerely.  What do supporters of this effort think is going to happen?  Do they think the Court would magically overturn another challenge of the right of same-sex couples to get a marriage license?  I would venture the guess that if you could get the current Court together in a room and if they would be honest about it…they would come to the same conclusion that the previous Court did.

I’ve said this a lot… The State got into the marriage business so it has to open that process to everybody.  We set wide limits…I can’t marry my sister…I can’t marry two or three or four people.  I can’t marry a dog or a rock.

Supporters of traditional marriage may say that’s arbitrary.  Some of them are simply upset the Court didn’t send the law back to the Legislature to amend the language of the law (and they have a point).  The thing they don’t have is any evidence of the erosion of morality in society predicted when we were debating this decision in the first place.  The polls show a dwindling number of people oppose same-sex marriage.  That may be because when people take the time to find out about the decision, they find it was legally sound.  They know…this has NO effect on their life.

If the opponents of the decision thought they had a prayer of overturning this decision on a legal basis…or if it was as bad a decision as they argue it is…they would have tried to appeal or another legal challenge.  If there really was a wave of support to change the Constitution….it would have happened.  Instead they just decided to intimidate the Judiciary by sending a message: Make a decision that doesn’t fit our version of theology and we will come after you.

My point in all of this is to say…what is it you expect?  Another Judge, an entirely Different Court isn’t going to produce a different decision.  Go back to your Church, practice your Faith and live it every day.  Teach your children the values you see fit.  I support your right to do it and would defend your rights if anyone tried to force their views on your Church.

It’s funny because something Gov Romney said last night made me think of this debate in a different way.  I’m sure he didn’t intend it this way but it struck me as an indictment of a lot of the social positions some Republicans hold.  

“Everywhere I go there are monuments and now for those who have given their lives for America.  There is no mention of their race, their party affiliation, or what they did for a living. They lived and died under a single flag, fighting for a single purpose.  They’ve pledge allegiance to the United States of America….That America, that America, that united America will of uphold the consolation of rights that were endowed by our creator and codified in our Constitution.  That united America will care for the poor and sick, will honor and respect the elderly and will giving a helping hand to those in need.  That America is the best within each of us.”

There’s also no mention of whether they were gay.  I’m some of those Americans who came before you and stand beside you now are Gay.  They deserve the same America open to all of us.  This debate is not the best in all of us…it’s the worst.

I hope you have a great weekend and as always, I hope those of you who agree/disagree with this or any other post will continue the conversation by posting your thoughts.  I’d love to hear them.