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IRONKIDS TRI: Next Generation Athletes

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In a few years’ time, they could be the next generation of elite triathletes.  Before the best in the world compete in Des Moines, the IronKids raced for a national title.  Every step of the way, the crowd cheered them on.

“It cheers me up.  I really like it,” says 7-year-old Molly Trachta.

More than one thousand kids- as young as six and all the way up to 15- competed a swim, bike and run at Gray’s Lake. 

“They're from all over the Midwest, Puerto Rico.  I think there's 14 different countries that have little kids here today,” says Hy-Vee Ceo Randy Edeker. 

Don`t let their age fool you.  These triathletes qualified to get here and they`re competing for a national title.

“I finished 6th, but that like exceed my expectations,” says 15-year-old Sarah Voss.

“I didn't get in the top five because it's my first year, but I'm just glad that I finished ,” says 10-year-old Emma Trachta.

After crossing the finish line, every kid got a medal.

“It's an accomplishment,” says Edeker.  “Not all of these kids are going to be elite athletes the rest of their lives, but it does launch them maybe on a lifestyle of keeping fit and being in shape.”

At 15, this is Voss’ last IronKids.

“I'll be going up to the adult level which is a big jump, but it's gonna be great.  I want to do triathlons for the rest of my life,” she says.

While it was the kid's turn today, tomorrow, the adults and professionals take over.  The Hy-Vee Tri will crown a national winner and give away a million dollars in prize money.