SAVING LIVES: Sprinkler Systems Assist DMFD


Two Des Moines buildings are still standing thanks to their sprinkler systems. Fire Inspector Brian O’Keefe says his crews responded to two fires this week that could have been worse, had the buildings not had sprinkler systems.

On Tuesday morning crews arrived at an apartment building in the 1600 block of Hull Avenue for the second time this year. They firefighters found a melted microwave and burnt pot in the kitchen of one of the units.

According to reports, both incidents at this address occurred when a stove was left unattended.

Inspector O’Keefe’s says, “The sprinkler system saved the building and its occupants from a life threatening fire by wetting down the burning materials and alerting the tenants.”

On Thursday morning crews were called to Titan Tire on East Market Street.

Reports say employees were welding in the basement when sparks around other machinery ignited.

When crews arrived on the scene smoke was coming out of the doors on the west side of the building, but according to Inspector O’Keefe the fire was not able to spread because the sprinklers were activated.

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