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SCHOOL LOCKDOWN: Attempted Armed Robbery Leads To School Lockdown

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Police placed a Des Moines middle school on lock down Friday morning. Authorities swarmed Warren Harding Middle School after receiving a call about an armed robbery in the area.

Not only were police protecting the school, but officials say they had a reason to believe the suspect was inside.

An 11 and 12 year old are accused with a crime that if they were adults would lead to serious time in prison.

“I found it concerning that a middle school age student would be in possession of a gun and would attempt to rob somebody. I find it somewhat appalling,” said Sgt. Chris Scott with Des Moines Police.

A Des Moines man told police he was working in his yard early Friday morning when middle school aged kid came up to him with a gun and demanded money.

When the man told them he didn't have any, the kid ran off with a group standing nearby. Police saturated the area, specifically Harding Middle School which was just a few blocks away. They placed the school on lockdown and began going room to room in search of the suspect. Classes continued, and officers reviewed the school's security video to try to identify people who may have entered the school during shortly after the robbery.

Police also brought the victim inside, where he says he identified at least one suspect.

Police also found an air soft gun between Oxford Avenue and Harding Middle School. Detectives are still working to determine if it's the same gun used in the attempted robbery.

The boys are charged with first degree robbery.