LIVEWELL MINUTE: AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

UnityPoint Health offers the latest technology in rehabilitation and training to central Iowa.

Dan Sweet, Physical Therapist, UnityPoint Health says, “The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill allows a user to un-weight your body in 1% increments up to an 80% reduction in body weight without interfering with normal lower extremity mechanics.  Unlike pool therapy, this system allows the user complete control over the return to full weight bearing.  People have been amazed how they are able to walk and/or run again without the pain they have experienced for weeks to years.”

Typical uses for AlterG include:

  • Post surgical foot, knee, and hip surgeries
  • Stress fractures and ankle sprains
  • Athletic and endurance training
  • Weight-control programs

AlterG is being used for physical therapy, performance training centers, professional sports teams and colleges and universities.

Sweet says, “Our system is equipped with a three camera video system providing the user and physical therapist instant visual feedback, which enables us to achieve the most efficient return to normal activities and sports.”


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