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KRYSTLE CLEAR: I Just Can’t Help It…

Krystle Clear

Everybody has their “vice”. Now I’m not talking an extreme, debilitating, all-consuming vice, just the “little ones” that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to shake; your mind says no, but then before you know it, it’s done! Like people who have to buy every new video game to hit shelves, or have a “shoe addiction” or can’t say no that new pair of sunglasses (my sister). My vice? Books.

First of all, I don’t do library books. No, I’m not being snooty… it’s a germ thing. I like to get very up close and personal with my books. I read them everywhere- at the gym, in the bath, in bed, everywhere! And I just don’t feel comfortable not knowing whose germs I’m sharing. Plus, I’m not a Kindle-girl. I like my solid, page-turning, old fashioned books. So, I drop the $15-$25 at Barnes and Noble every time. And yes, I have a bunch of books on my shelves I swear I will “definitely get to someday soon,” but as usual, I am first drawn into something that has a way of jumping to the top of my “must read list.” It’s an expensive habit, let me tell you!

But no matter how much I spend on a visit to B&N, I can justify it- I am buying books. I am challenging my mind. I am doing myself a favor. Yeah, not so much. Many of the books I get sucked into are for pure enjoyment. As much as I wish I would read more “substantial” books (I did join a book club to expand my reading horizons) I always find myself drawn in to the entertaining series.

Hunger Games: Read this series twice. It’s a quick read (and technically a “young adult series” but so good!

Something Borrowed/Something Blue: Only read the first two of this series, but read them both like 5 times each. They are THE definition of “chick-lit” and I recommend for anyone wanting to lose themselves in a romantic comedy, the book version.

If you are into the “vampire thing” and love some action/fantasy with a little side love story, I recommend this series. I think the author is up to book 12 or something now and still going. But warning- each book (like the television series based off them) ends with a cliff hanger so you might not be able to stop once you start!

My latest “binge” is the Divergent Series. I was up all night finishing book number one (until 5 a.m.). I just could put it down! And now, of course, I need to race back to my favorite store and get the second, of course only available in hardcover.

Excellent book, and a promising series! Again, found in the “young adult” section, but it’s a very entertaining read. I put my money on this as the next book turned movie franchise!

My boyfriend often shakes his head at how quickly I will go through a series like this, asking me if I ever considered just slowing down and spreading the book out over a longer time, so I don’t go through $30 plus dollars in a few days. I, of course, just can’t even imagine that! I can’t control it. I must keep reading. It’s just that good. (Plus, another one of my justifying techniques- I bought the book- I can read it again a million times in the future! Totally get my money’s worth, right?)

So I ask you, what is your “vice,” your “harmless addiction” that you just can’t seem to shake. And should we feel guilty about these little indulgences? I say no. Now bring on the justification.:)


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