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Thought I would go through a couple of emails we got at the station.  

-A blog reader took issue with my IDea.  

There is no evidence of voter fraud, not in Iowa, none really anywhere.  Getting an I D when voting is nice in theory.  How about people who cannot get to polls- ill, out of country, etc.  Absentee votes are votes. There is no right in the constitution to drive a car or fly on an airplane but there is to vote.  Voter fraud is simply a GOP tactic to disenfranchise people.  Listen to the secretaries of state, all republican, who are trying.  In PA, sec said it was to deliver state to Willard.  Ask Schultz for evidence of fraud and why he cannot even run a primary.  

I understand voting is a right but what’s the difference between having to point out your name and address on a voter roll and handing them your name and address and letting the people at the polls match it up?  Absentee voters would have to register already and the ballot would go to the address listed on the voter rolls.  Unless we think someone is intercepting mail just to vote.  

All of this gets a little ridiculous…and I agree with the reader here.  Voter fraud isn’t a real issue that swings elections.  It’s a way to get people scared of “those illegals”, or a way for Democrats to call Republicans bigots.  My point in writing about the ID’s is that there might be a way to find a real solution to make voting more secure…neither side is interested in doing that…if the issue does not exist, neither side can use time-honored stereotyped to demonize the other.  

-I deleted the email before I could copy it but a viewer is concerned that I am not being nice to Megan.  She observed that I smiled at Brooke a lot but not as much at Megan.  As this is the second, “you’re not being nice” email I’ve gotten in the last few weeks…I am reevaluation how much I smile.

-We got a lot of emails about our coverage of the Vice President and VP candidate Ryan’s dueling visits to Iowa yesterday.  Seems people are very upset that we presented both sides of this story instead of the one they liked.  

Channel 13 did a real dis-service to the community with your ‘hit piece’ on the Romney/Ryan campaign the afternoon of 9/17.  Every statement from Ryan or from the Romney campaign was followed by a counter-point, a questioning attitude or a challenge.  It was hard to miss your journalistic sneer.  Would it kill you to let Ryan speak without throwing in Channel 13’s editorial bias.  Immediately afterward, every statement from Biden was presented as fact — even the lies that Biden presented as humor. It’s amazing that you selected a Biden lie as the key point in coverage … and then allowed that lie, unchallenged, to be followed by silent agreement for maximum impact. I’m disgusted.  Watch the replay yourself.  It’s easy to see what kind of bias I can expect from Channel 13 in this campaign season.

That’s pretty typical of the emails we see.  It is a great example of what I’ve been talking about.  We’ve become so polarized that anyone who even presents the other side of an argument is “biased”  Instead of just saying you disagree, it’s become the norm to see anything aside from your own opinion as a lie.  I’d say Democrats are as guilty as Republicans of this.  To me it shows a great deal of fear.   

The last email is from a guy this morning who apparently likes to sleep under three down comforters like I do.  

I too slept with my windows open last night. I normally keep my bedroom window open most of the year. I to not have a wife, so, I don’t hear a lot of complaining. I watch the channel 13 news for the morning news religiously. I find that your comments and views on various subjects through the years, are very much the same as mine and I think most of the viewing public. you are an very day man.
While I’m gratified that my overnight temperature choice is agreeable to people…I am unsure as to what that makes me…an “everyday man” or a “very gay man”.  
Ponder that.