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VP VISIT: Joe Biden Speaks At Grinnell College

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Vice President Joe Biden continued his two-day campaign trip to Iowa Tuesday with stops in Ottumwa and Grinnell.

Biden’s first event in Ottumwa was held at the Bridge View Center. From there he moved on to an event at Grinnell College.

Biden spoke about the importance of education and the goal of making the U.S. the best educated nation in the world by 2020. He said currently the U.S. is in 17th place for the percentage of people who graduate college.

Biden also spoke about Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan's plans for Medicare, saying Americans will be worse off if they are elected. He said several costly procedures wouldn't be covered by the plan would be out of pocket costs for Americans.

Vice President Biden told the crowd the government should be investing in projects in the U.S. and bring soldiers serving in Afghanistan home.