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CHURCH CHANGES: Hispanic Services Offered

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In 2003 the Kingsway Cathedral was closed over safety concerns.  The old church sat empty for several years but has since been purchased by a new congregation and is open again.

The church was re-inspected, and found to be safe. The Kathedral, which is part of KLM International ministry, has been meeting in the structure on Crocker for about a year. Pastor Kenney Linhart has a vision for a church campus to serve many new residents to Des Moines who moved here from various points on the globe.  The Church has 80 or so members and is launching a new Hispanic service.

“When we got the building we found it was fine structurally,” said Linhart, “It just needed minor repairs, we had a lot of work to do because of the rain that came in.”

The Kathedral hopes to finish repairs to the 110 year old structure, and would like to see it restored.

“Bring back the beauty but the steeples and the gables, and the stained glass dome.” said Linhart.

The new Hispanic service will launch this weekend at 10:00 a.m. Sunday in a joint service with the full congregation.