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FOOD FIND: Kelly’s Little Nipper

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Little Nipper

Curb appeal has never been a strong point…

It’s always been what’s happening inside that’s kept Kelly’s Little Nipper cookin’ for more than 40 years…

“Just crunchy enough, got everything on it, makes it just right,” says regular, Dan Payzant.

In the tiny kitchen, Toby Jessen can sling it and bring it like few others…Iowa favorites like giant tenderloins the size of a hubcap The Graziano’s sausage sandwich pushes two pounds…all served up to loyal locals in an old-school scene…

“Friday nights you come in here after a hard week of work with all of your friends, shoot a little pool, relax,” says Payzant.

Word has gotten out, though, and not long ago, owner Will Kellogg got a call from the producers of Destination America’s “United States of Food” show…they wanted to visit…

“They initially called for one of our other sandwiches,” Kellogg says, “and then just talking with them they really like the idea of our bacon-wrapped tater tots and that’s what they’re going with.”

So today, the crew and host Todd Fisher rolled into the East Side calling for the deep-friend buggers, and the KLN happily abliged.  Food shows have been loving Des Moines, lately.

“Destination America loves bringing the audience with me,” Fisher says, “we all get to share together via television.”

They all say that, but then they admit it’s also about two chefs swapping trade secrets…

“Seeing what they do, what they do great, and maybe I take some that back home,” Fisher says.

The word is out.  Des Moines can cook.  And even the most un-assuming places, are finding the spotlight.