MORNING BUZZ: Politics needs a Timeout

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Good Morning

Just a quick thought about the back and forth we’ve seen this past week in Politics.  

Watching it all, I’m reminded of most evenings at my house these days.  I have two three-year-old boys…so we are sorting out arguments quite a bit.  My wife and I are usually in the Kitchen trying to get dinner started or catching up on the day.  The boys are in the playroom.  

Inevitably one of the two of them sprints in and gets our attention about a picture they’ve drawn or something they did at school…whatever.  That does not sit well with the other boy who does not have our attention yet.  This usually means the second unattended boy will yell at a decibel twice that of his brother to get our attention…sometimes he actually has something to say…sometimes he doesn’t.  Those are the civil exchanges.

Most of the time one or the other boy will just push his brother out of the way to get our attention…or he will walk up and steal his toy or maybe pick up his brother’s favorite stuffed animal and just wave it in his face. This usually results in the first boy crying or screaming about life not being fair.  He chases his brother out of the room, usually takes a cheap shot to knock the second boy down…and then everyone is whining about how they’ve been wronged…It is harder for us to sort out when all of this goes down in the other room…when we don’t see the entire scenario play out and can’t really tell who said what or how it all started.  .   

Sound familiar?  We are witnessing a fight between three year-olds in our Political system this year…and we deserve everything we get.  Let me summarize: “He did it…No He did it…No He did it!…MOOOOOOMMMMYYYY”

We aren’t paying attention to what either side is really saying…or what they really said.  We are willing to let the campaign machines grind out storylines that would make a reasonable person wonder how each of these men are allowed in civilized society much less, won their Party’s nomination.  And the worst part is…WE BELIEVE IT!!!

Governor Romney’s comments at a private fundraiser sure sound bad, but my first question was, what context were the comments made and what did he say just before and just after?  President Obama sounds like he’s at Marxist Summer camp when you hear the ten second clip of his comments at Loyola University while he was an Illinois State Senator.  But c’mon people.  Do we really believe Mitt Romney is so callous that he would disregard half of the country as President?  Doesn’t exactly sound like a strategy that would win a second term…And by the way, shouldn’t we be talking about whether 47% of Americans getting some kind of assistance and whether lowering that number would be good for the country as a whole?  

And this image of a Phantom Communist Obama bent on distributing hats with a little hammer and sickle to every American is a little South of Crazyville.  Some Republicans have really been trying to push this since 2007…but after a full term in office can’t we just stick to debating the things the President has DONE and leave the Boogyman to a three-year-old’s imagination?  

This is on you folks.  Voters have to read more…and not just the stuff that backs up your political leanings.  Read the other side…question the premise…consider it, and see if your beliefs hold up.  If it doesn’t sound right…it probalby isn’t.  It’s at least out of context.  

  The only way we’ll see a campaign where actual issues are talked about is when, like the parents of those three year-olds, we ignore immature acting out…and in cases of repeat offenses make sure they know we are serious by giving them an electoral time-out.  Maybe like out three-year-olds…Our Political system will grow out of it.  

Have a good one