SHAVING SUCCESS: Local Man In National Contest

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One man is trying to go back in time and bring back what he calls a romantic ritual of shaving, and he says he can use your help.

Business has been booming for a Des Moines man's small operation of handmade shaving soaps and cologne. His products are now popular with people around the world, including celebrities like Tom Cruise. Now, even Martha Stewart may help grow his small business with your help.

Andrew fuller has a vision for bringing back the old ritual of a barber shop shave. He says, "What I want to do is try to bring it back where they shut the bathroom door and it's a ritual for you and it's something you look forward to every day."

He started making shaving soaps for fun when he was 18. Then, about a year ago he saw an opportunity to make a living off his company called Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour. He says, "Tonsorial Parlour is what they used to call barber shops back in the Victorian era."

He makes shaving soaps, after shaves, colognes and more in his Des Moines apartment, even finding many of his ingredients locally.

He says, "I have a beer soap from Court Avenue Brewery.” He also says, “I have a coffee soap from Ritual Cafe. I just started a pumpkin soap."

His business really started taking off this winter. His products were included in the celebrity swag bags at the Academy Awards. And, he was asked to make products for actors Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise. He says, "The ladies really like that. They love hearing about that and buying products for their men."

Now, Martha Stewart may help him grow his business. He's one of a hundred people competing for Martha Stewart's American Made Award. Votes on the website could help him win $10,000, a spread in the Martha Stewart Living magazine and a trip to New York to accept the award.

Fuller says, "I'm hoping for a lot of networking. That's the biggest thing I want to take away. But obviously the business would expand 10 fold, if I could win this thing."

Fuller currently makes the products in one room of his apartment. He says he would really like to expand in the near future. He says, "We do want to open an off-site production facility as well as my ultimate goal to open up an actual Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour in the East Village with four barber shop chairs, and an old school Victorian aesthetic."

A goal he says would bring back the old ritual of relaxation for men as he makes his dream of a booming business come true.

You can vote once a day for Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour online.

You can find his shaving supplies locally at Campbell’s Nutrition.