MURPHY’S LAW: Melky Does the Right Thing, Woodward Granger Bowling Ball

  • Melky Cabrera removes himself from National League batting title consideration. Sure, Cabrera did it for PR, but whatever it takes to not a have a steroid-cheat win is fine by me.
  • College football guru Phil Steele makes his first in-season projections, and it’s not good for our state. Steele says Iowa will go 2-6 in the Big Ten. Even worse, he has Iowa State going 1-8 in the Big 12. No way that happens.
  • I think UNI is better than Central Michigan. I see the Hawkeyes beating the Chippewas by 24. By the time you read this, you’ll probably know if I’m right.
  • I’m going to watch the Hawkeye game with friends at Buzzard Billy’s. I’m looking forward to a cold beer. I got really sick ten days ago, and I haven’t had a beer since. Didn’t eat much either. Dropped seven pounds on the “feel too lousy to eat” diet.
  • “Ray Lewis: A Football Life” is a riveting documentary on the NFL Network. I’m not sure if Lewis’ off field act is for real, but no one has ever played the game with more energy. He’s flat-out great.
  • I don’t mind seeing Cam Newton struggle. Newton was so good his rookie season you couldn’t begrudge his runaway cockiness. Now it’s time to see that smirk leave Newton’s face for a game or two. Or three.
  • Woodward Granger bowling ball Andrew McCune looks like he can knock over 11 pins on every carry. I want to see more of this guy in action.
  • John Sears’ excellent story on the nation’s #2 rated high school long-snapper, Tyler Kluver, shows a guy who knows how to market a very particular skill. Kluver is headed to the U of Iowa where he’ll eventually be on scholarship.
  • I’m watching Die Hard. Has any movie ever inspired more copycats? It’s a perfect action movie. It’s not even that dated, though somehow it’s now 25 years old.
  • I wish I could see my mom & dad every day. I miss them.

Editor’s note: Iowa by 24? Yes, that should be the result when a Big Ten team hosts a sub-par MAC team, but obviously Murph underestimated Iowa’s abilities this year. Iowa loses. A low point of the past decade.



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