FIRE RESCUE: Two People Pulled From Boone Home

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An overnight fire destroys a home in Boone.  It started just after 3 AM in the 1200 block of Boone Street.  One couple managed to escape, but firefighters had to rescue another couple trapped inside the home.

“It’s all gone.   It's gone,” says Bob Melton. 

All that`s left of his home are the walls and a burned mess inside.  Melton says the fire started start.

“The flame wasn't that big at that time, but when it hit that couch it was just like throwing gas on it,” he says.

Linda Cleary was sleeping in the front of her house when the smoke alarms went off.

“We both ran out of the back and we both tried to run back in,” she says.

By then, the flames had already spread and trapped their friends and pets inside. 

“They broke a window out and were able to get the one person out.  At that same time, they were able to locate the second victim,” says Boone Fire Chief Justin Adams.

Authorities are not releasing their names, but say the two were taken to the Burn Treatment Center in Iowa City.  Firefighters managed to save the couple`s dog, but their cat didn't make it out.  While their home and all their belongings are gone, the couple can still counting their blessings. 

“I'm alive.  She's alive,” says Melton.

The American Red Cross is working with the couple.  Donations can be sent to the Red Cross in care of Robert Melton.  The address is 2116 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312.