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MEETING OF THE MINDS: World Should Think Midwest

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Leaders from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota are all smiles sitting together at the Midwestern Governors Association. Former Missouri Governor Bob Holden said, “We're talking about tomorrow.”

They met to work together to find ideas for the world to think of the Midwest as everyone's tomorrow for business. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said, “It's competitive for those new jobs and those new business opportunities."

That competition pits some of these same leaders against each other when it's time for a deal. Iowa had a nasty fight with Illinois for a new $1.4 billion dollar Egyptian fertilizer company and the 165 jobs the project brings to rural areas.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad explained the reality of competition. He said, “First we've got to get them interested in the Midwest as a region. And then each of us will do our best to try to sell our state and the communities within our state and we'll work with local governments to do that."