FURNACE CHECK: Preparing Your Home

By the end of the week some of us will by firing up our furnaces for the first time this season.

Over at Shaal Heating and Cooling, experts recommend you start scheduling a maintenance checkup for the machine, now.

The company says it's also important to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working appropriately and are not expired.

Many detectors only have a five year shelf life.

Experts say many people don't think about scheduling these appointments until it's too late, and that means a long waiting list.

“Lack of maintenance is the number one killer on heating and cooling equipment, dirty filters make the furnace run extra hot, and when it runs hot a lot of the medal components will fail prematurely,” says Roger Fouche of Shaal Heating and Cooling.

It's also important to remember to replace your heater's air filter, monthly.

This will help your heating system last longer and be more energy-efficient.

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