MORNING BUZZ: Debateable

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Good Morning!

I’m dragging this morning because I made the regrettable decision to stay up and watch the entire Presidential Debate.   

Here are some thoughts.

I went in expecting little and was pleasantly surprised.  I got something completely unexpected, partly because of the format and partly because both candidates ignored the rules…we actually got an exchange of ideas…and not a lot of mud-slinging and name calling.  Most accounts of the debate this morning say the moderator got rolled as candidates hijacked what was supposed to be a controlled conversation.  I disagree.  I think it was going well and each man was being civil, so He let them go.  I think they stayed away from the one liners and gave more specifics than we usually hear.  This debate showed you some fundamental differences in the candidate’s approach to government.  I didn’t feel like they were talking down to me or trying to substantive answers on policy with a catchy “gotcha” zinger.  I actually felt like I had to listen to each man so I could follow what was going on.  

The overwhelming majority of analysis in the media this morning gives a “win” to Governor Romney.  He looked more engaged and sounded in command of his ideas.  The President didn’t do badly but at times he looked like he didn’t want to be there.  It was his Anniversary as we found out so who can blame the guy?

I found this “fact check” of some of the candidate statements.  It seems pretty balanced and helps explain some more about their positions.

Any way you slice it people are talking about this performance tightening up the race.  

Hope you have a great day!