BIGGEST FAN: “He Gets The Whole Crowd Going”

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The Grinnell Tigers are 7-0 ranked 2nd in class 3A.  Their biggest fan is 26 years old and has never played a down in his life.

Meet Bruce Kriegel, manager for both Grinnell College and High School.

Bruce has Down’s Syndrome.

But Bruce does more than just stand on the sidelines and hand out water.

Bruce's love for athletics came from his father Steve who was a legendary hall of fame coach at Grinnell. But 15 years ago, in 1997, Steve Kriegel passed away due to pancreatic cancer. Bruce was just 11 years old.

Bruce says, "Right after my dad passed away, I want to follow in his footsteps ‘cause he's not here anymore."

Don't expect Bruce to give up his managing duties anytime soon.

His mom Susan says, "He loves football, according to Coach Dunne he can never retire, he's set for life."

For Bruce Kriegel this is his life, and he loves it.