BRIDGE ACCIDENT: Woman Trapped In Car Under Bridge

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A Marshalltown woman suffered only minor injuries when her SUV was crushed by a chunk of metal that was knocked off a railroad trestle.  Looking at what's left of this SUV, it's a miracle the woman inside wasn't killed.  A truck towing a back-hoe hit a railroad bridge that crosses Northwest Second street near Northwest 43rd, knocking a massive chunk of metal off.  The metal landed on the SUV as the driver, Bobbi Hills of Marshalltown, was passing the truck.  Witnesses tried to help get the metal off of the SUV they even used the back-hoe that hit the bridge, but the metal was just too heavy..

"Time just stops." says witness Mike Hannam, "The time went by really slow.  You're standing there and nothing moves fast enough."

"She was saying she was having problems breathing, and she's like, can you get me out and it's like, I felt for the first time today an experience that I've never experienced. Helpless." added witness Robert Coleman, "And it's something that I've never experienced before in my life.  And I can't say I like it very much...just the look on that lady's face.  I'll never forget it."

Fire crews eventually came and used a crane to get the metal off the SUV.  Hills was taken to Methodist Hospital with what police are calling minor injuries.