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MORNING BUZZ: How you see it

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Good Afternoon.  I’m Noon Blogging this afternoon.  

How you see it

Mitt Romney probably started hitting his head against a wall when he saw the September jobs report.  He had all the momentum coming off what was by all accounts a very strong debate performance.  It turned heads, it made him look Presidential, and most important for Gov Romney, it may have changed a few minds among undecideds.  But if your argument is that the economy isn’t improving under the current Administration, it’s going to be harder to make that case when the numbers show unemployment dipping under 8% for the first time in four years.  

I had a few thoughts as I read stories about this report.  

-It’s funny how Politicians are so greedy taking credit when the news is good and so generous sharing the blame when the numbers go south.  The truth is the unemployment rate, the economy…it’s way to complicated for one person to influence.  Sure, The President is the Leader of the Free World but no one had control over 9-11 and it’s consequences.  The European Debt crisis isn’t the President’s doing but it sure has the potential to be either his or Gov Romney’s problem.  

-The conspiracy theorists were out in force this morning led by Former GE CEO Jack Welch.  Several people put out the theory that the Labor Department is padding the numbers.  I saw one person even suggest that Democrats were over reporting their employment when they were surveyed!  Yeah, I’m sure that’s happening organically.  I can see why it looks funny…who missed 115,000 jobs last month and why do they still have a job analyzing the Labor market?

If you think the President’s campaign is directing any funny business, I will laugh out loud at you. You learn quickly after being around government…nothing that happens on this kind of scale can be faked or fooled around with these days without someone blabbing.  Bottom line: None of these people would be crying foul if it was a Republican in office who needed a good report.

-Lastly…We are probably making a little more out of this than we should…I know I know…that shocks some of you.  

The truth is the economy isn’t fixed and one report should not offer proof of job performance for the incumbent President.  Like everything else, we should be looking at a lot more than this one report.  We saw honest differences in the approach to economic recovery Wednesday night.  Think about the theories and policies the candidates talked about.  

Neither of these men want to ruin the country…no one is going to turn the country into a commune…no one is trying to make sure the “rich get richer” disregarding the middle class and poor.  If you hear that kind of rhetoric…start making your mental grocery list.  Decide for yourself by doing as much reading as you can between now and November.  Challenge your own assumptions.  Read things that make you uncomfortable and watch those debates.  If the candidates are allowed to free-wheel it a little like they did the other night, the debates may actually reveal a little bit about these two men…not just the caricature we see in 30 second ads.

In any case…one moment of this campaign is not enough to make an important decision.

Have a good one