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DEBATE PROTEST: Sponsorships Pulled Over Third Party Candidates

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This week, three sponsors of the presidential debates have pulled their sponsorships over the exclusion of third party candidates.

Those companies include Philips Electronics, the YWCA, and British advertising firm BBH New York.

Today, a small group of Iowans protested hoping a fourth company would do the same.

Members of the group "Help the Commission" stood outside the Des Moines International Airport to protest Southwest Airlines' sponsorship of the presidential debates.

Their goal is to get the commission to allow candidates who qualify for enough electoral votes to participate.

Currently, a candidate must have 15% of the vote in national polls to be included.

“America has more than two political parties. You don't have to vote for Romney or Obama. You can vote for other candidates. They will be on the ballot," said Rick Stewart, a protester from “Help the Commission”.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein are the only other candidates with enough ballot access to reach 270 electoral votes.