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IOWA “UNCAUCUS”: Voters Gather To Discuss Issues

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For months, both candidates have shared their plans to fix the economy, make healthcare more affordable, and reduce the deficit.

But what about preserving family farming and getting more people to vote in local elections?

Those are issues that speakers at Saturday's “Uncaucus” believe are important to Iowans.

Unlike a regular caucus, voters weren't split up by party affiliation and were asked to only focus on issues instead of candidates.

Ten speakers had five minutes to speak about the things they felt were important to Iowans like water conservation and buying local produce.

People could then vote via text message on the issues they felt were most relevant.

Those votes were tallied and organizers say they will send them to elected officials to give them a better idea of what they could be focusing on.

“All of these representatives will be receiving our report and will be able to see what happened here tonight. Hopefully they'll step up and say whatever political party they follow, they’ll be able to make a difference,” said Jordan Lampe, the event organizer from Dwolla.

There were no rewards for the speakers that brought up the most popular issues.

The voting was simply used to see what Iowans feel are priorities and to further discuss those issues.