DOG ATTACK: Owner Could Get Vicious Dog Back

A Des Moines family was terrorized by a dangerous dog that police say killed their dog and attacked their house.  Now, there’s a chance the dangerous dog could be returned to its owner.

Dani Housley says it's an image she'll never be able to get out of her mind -- her little poodle Charlie being ripped apart by a crazed dog.  The dog, a pregnant American bulldog, is used by a neighbor for back-yard breeding.  Monday, that bulldog got loose, first attacking the gutter on the family’s house, puncturing the metal with powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth, then going after Charlie in his own back yard.

 "He came up and was right by my feet and the dog just started going after him." Housley says, "Right then, went right for his head and  I was trying to kick the dog off of Charlie and nothing would budge.  I was trying  off of him and he just started ripping him around."

The Animal Rescue League has the bulldog.  It will be up to the City to decide whether the owner will be charged, and whether the dog will be returned.

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