GRASSLEY TALKS: Debate, Farm Bill, Congress

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Republican senator Charles Grassley shared some advice for Congressman Paul Ryan about Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate during an appearance on Today In Iowa Thursday morning.

Grassley said the debate is the perfect opportunity for Ryan to show voters his he is ready for the responsibilities of president and he has the qualifications to tackle the job.

“The most important thing for the vice presidential nominee to do is to show people at a young age that he is qualified and ready to be president. That's the most important thing for a vice-presidential nominee. Of course Biden already has that history after being vice-president for four years. I think the most important this is to make sure is Vice President Biden doesn't rattle Ryan from the stand point of Biden's main responsibility tonight is to make up for the shortcomings of Obama not doing well and performing well last week,” said Grassley.

Sen. Grassley also talked about the failure of the Farm Bill to pass and how little Congress has accomplished during this election year.

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