INCUMBENTS DEBATE: Boswell Against Latham

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Incumbents are now going head to head this election after Iowa lost a congressional district in the 2010 census.

Congressmen Tom Latham and Leonard Boswell met for a debate Wednesday night. During the debate, which was co-sponsored by the Des Moines Register, the two men attacked each other’s voting records and partisanship.

They were both asked why the 2012 Farm Bill failed to pass before Congress recessed for the election

“It wasn’t a surprise that we’re gonna have to do a Farm Bill, it comes up every five years and it’s very, very important to Iowa and all of the crop, seed, fiber producing states here in the middle west and across the country. We have to have a Farm Bill and there’s been political posturing just knocked the bill to the floor. Speak with the Speaker, Mr. Latham’s best friend I’m told. Well, persuade him,” said Boswell.

“I’ve done everything possible to try to bring that bill to the floor, I’ve spoken out against leadership. I totally disagree with them,” answered Latham. “But one thing they need is a way of managing their risk on the farm and whether that be through crop insurance both for the crop itself and for price, the revenue, that’s where we’ve got to put our focus.”

The two congressmen are scheduled to debate again Thursday night in Council Bluffs.