PRANK CALL: Clive Police Victim Of ‘SWATing’

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Valuable tax dollars were wasted Wednesday night and Clive police say it was all due to a bad prank.

Police were sent out on 911 call to 14961 Woodcrest Drive in Clive. The caller said his dad shot his mom and took his sister hostage, then the caller hung up.

Clive police rushed to the scene ready for a possible hostage situation and found a home that was for sale with no one inside. Lt. Brodersen says after reviewing the call the department realized it was part of an elaborate prank, one that's being pulled across the country.  

“This type of activity is called SWATing or pranking where people will use numbers through the internet and such to try and hide their identity and phone in these false reports, often times it's to such a degree that it warrants this type of response," says Brodersen.

In this case, along with Clive police and EMS crews, Waukee, Urbandale and the Dallas County Sheriff's Office had crews responding, draining the resources for the cities should a real emergency taken place.