VIGIL HELD: Shot Des Moines Teen Remembered

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Friends and family say one Des Moines teen accidentally shot and killed another teen.

Lincoln High School 15-year-old Corey Hamilton Jr. was shot Friday night inside an apartment on East Walnut. He later died at a hospital.

Sunday evening people gathered to remember him.

“He had a long life ahead of him, but he’s still with us in prayers, in spirit, he’s still with us,” says Hamilton’s cousin DaMarko Moore.

Close to 100 of Corey’s family and friends met at his mother’s home in Des Moines for a candle light vigil. The family’s pastor spoke on behalf of grieving family members.

Family members say the teen arrested for shooting Corey was his best friend, and that 16-year-old Dontavius Sharkey didn’t mean to shoot him.

Sunday evening both mothers came together for each other.

“My son is just devastated, I went to see him today, and he said the main thing that he was concerned with was that this woman here forgave him,” said Dontavius’ Mom Angela Sharkey.

Corey’s mother Tiffany Crouch hugged Angela and responded, “I do, I do.”

Police say Sharkey was playing with the gun, which he thought was unloaded when it went off.

Sharkey is charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless use of a firearm.