WOMEN’S EXPO: Women For Mitt Booth At Expo

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It has everything most women say they want: health and beauty, fashion, plus a break from men and their political opinions.

Well, mostly a break.  Republicans footed the bill for a booth at the Women's Expo.  The booth had pink buttons and "Women for Mitt" signs. 

Instead of the age old question "what do women want?" We're curious what these women care about that the candidates could address. The latest Iowa poll shows President Obama with double-digit leads among women on most issues, except for the deficit and the economy.  The challenge for Mitt Romney is to get more women to care about the economy.

It's hard for women to spend money on the things they want if money is tight. The candidates have 23 days to make the right economic promises and 23 days to avoid any gaffes with this group.