MURPHY’S LAW: Weisman Injured, Cyclone Underdogs, Football Playoffs

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By Chris Hassel

Bad news out of Iowa City. It appears the running back curse also pertains to fullbacks as Mark Weisman has been left off this week’s two-deep roster. Weisman injured his lower right leg when scoring the game-tying touchdown in the 4th quarter against Michigan State. He missed the rest of the game, but afterwards said it was just a lower leg bruise and he would be just fine. Apparently that’s not the case. Greg Garmon and Jordan Canzeri are the two backs listed. Canzeri hasn’t played since tearing his ACL last spring. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same for Iowa State. Iowa State is ranked 24th in the BCS Standings. Oklahoma State isn’t ranked at all. Yet the Cowboys are a 14-point favorite over ISU, this Saturday. Amazing. 

The Cyclones say they won’t be thinking about last season’s stunning upset over Oklahoma State. I believe them. But if Oklahoma State players say the same, they’d be lying. The Cowboys have had this game circled on their calendar for 11 months. They’re hoping to beat ISU by way more than 14. 

The 4A football playoffs are a joke. Remember when we used to complain about a 4-5 or 3-6 team making the playoffs? Try this one on for size: If Des Moines Hoover beats Ottumwa, Friday, Hoover gets in at 2-7. If not, Mason City makes it. Mason City is 1-8! 

The only thing worse than the fact that our vending machine now charged $1.25 for pop, stead of $1.00, is that when my Diet 7-up gets hung up, I have to spend $2.50 to get it to come out instead of the usual $2.00. The $.25 hike is costing me a good $2.00 a week! 

Game 2 of the NLCS is tonight. I won’t be watching.