SOIL CONDITIONS: Weekend Rain As Harvest Wraps Up

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Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey says the rain this weekend was a welcome relief for some Iowa farmers. 

“Some farmers received welcome moisture this weekend, as many wrap-up harvest and see soils that are very dry and will need significant rainfall to replenish both topsoil and subsoil moisture levels,” Northey said. 

Topsoil moisture levels improved as well as subsoil moisture improving slightly. 

This was the wettest week this year since early May.  Most of the southeast of the state got over an inch of rain over the weekend while the northwestern quarter of the state missed out completely. 

The harvest is ahead of schedule with 87 percent of the corn crop having been harvested for grain or seed.  Last year at this time, only 40 percent of Iowa’s corn crop had been harvested. 

The state’s soybean crop is also ahead of schedule with 93 percent of the crop having been harvested already, three weeks ahead of normal.