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TEAM ROBBED: Volleyball Team Loses Personal Items

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The Central College women's volleyball team won't take the floor Tuesday night at Luther.

That's because the ladies were robbed of their equipment and personal items during a weekend trip to San Antonio.

It's not uncommon for players to pull a fast one on each other or Head Coach Kent Clayberg.

"The girls are a fun group and I'm never exactly sure if they're being serious with me," said Clayberg.

This was no joke.

While on a road trip over the weekend, the team's vans were broken into. The ladies lost just about everything.

"I had some jewelry that I wear on a normal daily basis that has sentimental value," said Lindsey Von Gillern, a senior at Central College.

"I had a new digital camera, my purse, my wallet, volleyball stuff, ankle braces," said Jill Schildroth, a sophomore.

The theft forced the team to cancel their weekend game vs. Trinity College as well as credit cards.

While unable to take the floor, the ladies made the most of it by spending Saturday at Sea World.

It was a weekend experience they say has brought them closer as a team.

"Even if we're losing or not having the greatest day, our theme is to come in the gym and leave everything and be able to choose joy," Von Gillern told Channel 13 News.

The incident has also united the community.

The program has limited financial resources, but local businesses are stepping up so the ladies can prepare for back to back conference games.

"We have so many people helping us out between the Sports Page and all the vendors and hopefully they can come through. We'll make it work," said Schildroth.

The team received a call on Sunday saying their bags were found in a dumpster.

Bags were stripped of cash and other valuables, but the athletics department says, they're working with police to have the recovered items returned.

Central College has rescheduled its game against Luther for next Monday in Decorah.